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Just use an emoji font and it will work fine. I made a blog post covering this here. I even cover kaomoji.

Not very many emoji fonts exist but I recommended 3 of them in my blog post. I also show an example of how I use emoji's in game design using Affinity Publisher.

The 3 fonts I recommend are:

Google's Noto



Code2000 (This one may have copyright issues so I would not use it professionally)

Now of course if the font doesn't support the glyph it won't work but all of these fonts are quite large with code2000 being one of the largest in the world so you should have some support.

This method does not support fancy color though as affinity does not support that, so you'll have to use basic font colors, but you can always convert into a shape and recolor it if you want. 

Considering emoji's are updated every year you may not have the latest emoji's in these fonts but you will find a lot of support still.

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Yes, this has been discussed a few times before; Serif keeps saying that these don't work but the reality is that they do - they are just different code points after all - as long as they are traditional monochromatic fonts.

It is color font support which is currently missing, and the more common Emoji fonts are color fonts, which prevents them from working.

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I found a way to insert Mac OS Emojis into Affinity Designer (to use as 'visuals' in layouts but not as parts of paragraph text):

1. From Mac OS Keyboard Preferences, select: 'Show Emoji & Symbols'. A new panel showing Emojis will appear over your existing app.

2. Open a new Text Edit document in Rich Text format, drag the required emojis in it from the Emojis panel.

3. Select your chosen Emojis in Text Edit and increase their font size to max (288 pixels), now you will see large emojis in the document.

4. Save the Text Edit document in PDF format.

5. Open the PDF file (all pages) in Affinity Designer. Strangely, in AD, each Emoji will have a page of its own and strange black bars in front (as if the Emoji is in the lockup!)

6. Ungroup each Emoji, delete the black bars and use the Emojis as you want. They will not be very high rez so be careful when using them in print design.

Hope the above will help 😊

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 12.33.52 PM.png

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Windows 10 professional discoveries:

Start WordPad - note the font



press Windows key and .


Select one or more emojis


Note the font - it was changed to the correct one.

Now try in publisher... when you select an emoji you get some kind of compatibility window... click on the icon there? And it will be inserted into Publisher but without changing the font to the correct one.


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