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Ungrouping anything in any file in affinity designer 1.8.3 for MacOS breaks most element on the screen screen and undoing the ungroup does not fix it, neither does reverting to a earlier snapshot. I am fairly new to the program but I'm pretty sure that this isn't supposed to happen, not sure if it's something I have done or just a bug with my version.

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Hi Newbie1.2,

Thanks for letting us know. Would it be possible for you to attach a copy of file shown in the video and also some other sample files that are demonstrating the issue please? If you could also include a note as to what group in the file you're ungrouping that would be helpful.

I've created a link to upload to our internal Dropbox account below:



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Hi Sean,

I've submitted the file in the video and another one. The issue happens with any grouping that is active and not hidden from what I can tell but I can't be too sure as it is a new issue that has cropped up. I have also attached a specs and MacOS version screenshot.

Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 17.21.01.png

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Thanks for the files - it looks like its being caused by the 'Symbol' status on some of the objects? Is there any reason you're wanting to use symbols on these files at all? As the symbols in document don't seem to match up with those in the Symbols Panel.

If I detach the symbols in your object (the ones with the vertical orange lines) then the objects un-group without a problem. For example in the file shown in the video, if you select the Curve object inside the group and click 'Detach' on the Symbols Panel then it will un-group without a problem.

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