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Affinity Photo randomly freezes on Windows 10

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Hello, all!

Recent convert to Affinity Photo after 20+ years with various Adobe products, much of that in a professional capacity. One big obstacle in my way right now is the frequent but seemingly random hangs I'm experiencing in Photo. It seems like it can be triggered at any time, even if I'm not actually active doing anything (e.g., I'll come back after a break, and it's frozen).

By "frozen", I mean nothing responds to clicks. The mouse cursor does not change when I move it between document window and menu bar. But the windows do not grey out, nor does Windows Error Reporting kick in. So it seems that the process is still "running" (as far as the OS is concerned), just not responding to anything. I have to manually kill the process and restart, losing whatever work wasn't saved.

Is it possible to trigger some sort of crash dump or stack trace when this happens?

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
RAM: 32 GB (DDR4, 1600 MHz)
GPU: nVidia GTX 1660 Ti (6 GB)
Monitor 1: BenQ BNQ8020 (34", 3840x2160)
Monitor 2: Dell U3011 (32", 2560x1600)
OS: Windows 10 Pro (x64) build 18363.778
GPU driver version: nVidia Studio GeForce 442.92
Affinity Photo version: 1.83.641

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Whoops, just realized there is a bug report forum separate to the tech support stuff. Can one of the mods move this thread?

Also, I noticed a crashpad_handler.exe subprocess running, and it was pointing to what appears to be some diagnostic files. Some of the files have since disappeared, but there are a few left from April, which may have been previous instances of this problem? Can I upload those anywhere?



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Hi BrianT,

AS much as i'd love to move this to the Bugs section, i don't think it is a bug.  Would you be able to provide a screen recording of the issues you are encountering and we can go from there :) 

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I have since been able to reliably reproduce the problem, but the beta resolves the issue. I haven't had any freezes or crashes since. Something to do with a bug in layer handling or ordering?

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