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I have started doing panos again.  In the past I used Lightroom and Hugin to create my panos and I was generally pleased with the resulting images. Now that I have dumped Lightroom and since I am having problems getting Hugin to play nicely with C1, I decide to give AP a try.

Fortunately Thomas Fitzgerald published a tutorial yesterday on how to create a pano using C1 and AP. However I am not happy with the resulting pano, the image seam boundaries have very noticeable luminance problems. 

The C1 part of the process seems to be working fine, but when I stitch the panorama with AP I see different sky brightness at the seam boundaries.  In the “busy” portions of the foreground the artifacts are visible if you know where to look and you zoom in to 200%.  However, the blended sky is different matter.  The luminance artifacts at the image boundaries are very visible at a “fit on the screen” setting.

I have attached my test bed image.  The image is too big to upload so I cropped it to show two of the worst artifacts, they are at the sky line just in from the left and the right respectively.

Here is the link to the tutorial: https://blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/blog/2020/5/video-stitching-panoramas-with-capture-one-and-affinity-photo?utm_source=Thomas+Fitzgerald+Photography+Newsletter&utm_campaign=2ded712fbd-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e0e9f78b2f-2ded712fbd-254217577&mc_cid=2ded712fbd&mc_eid=3ea2b17dfa


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Hi Big_Stan,

I've just tried the same workflow with some images i have the skyline has come out fine (see attached screenshot).  Have you tried just stitching the original images in Affinity and do you get different results?  We may need to the images you are stitching from you.


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Thank you for your response, even though it arrived three weeks after I posted the problem.  

While I was trying to get Affinity Photo to stitch a satisfactory pano, I rediscovered Hugin for Mac.  Hugin has a problem with a routine called "PTBatcherGUI", but when I posted the problem on the Hugin forum, I received immediate "fix" suggestions and now, "all is well in pano land".

I use C1 for my raw processing, and since neither AP nor Hugin automatically round trip with C1, there is no  advantage to using either stitcher; except Hugin produces a better pano.  If AP produced a pano with fewer artifacts, there would be a definite work flow advantage to using AP rather than the convoluted way that I am now doing it.

Thank you again, I just got anxious to stitch my pano.

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32 minutes ago, Big_Stan said:

Thank you for your response, even though it arrived three weeks after I posted the problem.  


Hi Stan, i can only apologize for the delay, what with the 90 day trial on offer, 50% sale and then the whole working from home thing into the mix, we are a bit behind.  But the good news is we are catching up, with most of the Tech Team working overtime.


As for artifacts if you could provide the images i can at least feed them back to the Dev team and see what we can do to improve the stitching algorithm :)  

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