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render clouds filter

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i'd really appreciate a filter like render / cloudes of ps. 


i use it extensively as other users i presume to create artificial fog 

in photos and other effects like sun beams 


it is very useful indeed and very much missed. 


hope something similar can be applied in next versions of your wonderful app

which has already fully replaced by adobe workflow


keep up the good work



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You are most likely looking for the Perlin Noise filter, which is located under Filter > Noise > Perlin Noise.


Instead of giving you a different result every time like in Photoshop, it actually gives you parameters, which is way better. Also unlike in Photoshop, you can change your foreground and background colours interactively using the Colour panel while the filter dialog box is open. No need to cancel, change your colours and go back into the filter like in Photoshop.


You can even set one of the colours to transparent!


However, you should be aware of the following bug: Changing the Opacity parameter will currently lead to the preview disappearing. It will still render fine and the preview will also re-appear when changing any RGB components. Setting noise in the colour panel (hidden feature when you click the preview circle to the left of the Opacity slider) will also trigger the preview bug, and any per-colour noise you set will be ignored when rendering (the latter is intended behaviour I think).


But since we are in Feature Requests: One thing I would love to see is more types of noise in addition to the standard Perlin Noise, like the "Fibers" filter in Photoshop or the "Fractal Noise" filter in After Effects, which can generate all sorts of handy procedural stuff like Voronoi ("Cell") patterns and the like.

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Thank you Peter. indeed that is what i was looking for! really appreciated! should have gone through all features :-) 



thanks again

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Is there any way to generate different noise from this filter? It is like pasting the same effect again and again. All i can do is zooming it in/out and make it more grainy or blurry. I would like to radombly create different noise.

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Unfortunately, there is currently no way that I'm aware of to influence the random seed (or the Z slice coordinate, assuming the underlying noise is 3D). It would be cool if something like that was added as an additional parameter. That way it would be possible to both get consistent and reproducible results (handy for Actions, for example) but also influence the look at the same time, without having to re-run the filter a bunch of times like in Photoshop.


As far as tiling goes, if I'm not mistaken, Perlin Noise should in theory always be periodic, but unfortunately I'm not sure what Zoom setting in combination with what image/layer size would be required to take advantage of that property inside of Affinity Photo. It would certainly be great if this was made easier.


@Haluke: Photoshop's "Clouds" filter does not always give you a tillable result, only if the dimensions of the image are powers of two (which is usually the case for textures, though).


By the way, the preview bug I mentioned earlier is still there in the Affinity Photo 1.5.2 update released yesterday.

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