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I have encountered some unexpected behavior when exporting a project into PDF. Went for 1.6, rasterize unsupported features. Not a great issue, as I can currently expand strokes and merge objects, but in case these were smaller objects that I could not spot being badly exported, I could be a problem.

Two objects have strokes that also have some elements with raster effects in background. They are either curves or a shape.

1) In case of calendar icon, the transparency of group is lost when exported to PDF and the elements overlapping display higher opacity. When exported to JPG, it looks fine.
2) In case of location icon, the group is changed, one object gets fill.

Designer view to the left and exported PDF to the right.

Files are in uploads - afdesign and pdf for comparison. As you will observe, exporting the same elements on blank background produces proper results.



faulty-export-pdf.afdesign faulty-export-pdf.pdf

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Hi Grzeniu,

Apologies for the long delay in responding to you!

This is happening because each object is first getting rasterised (because the strokes have a linear gradient) and then the transparency is being applied to the object. If you applied the 59% transparency to each individual object you will get the same behaviour. However applying the transparency to the group object inside our app does avoid this overlapping, but that doesn't always export to vector correctly.

The best way to resolve this is to select each separate Curve component in the group and go to Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves. This will combine all the separate lines into a single 'Curves' object. You can then apply the 59% transparency to this (after removing it from the group) and you will get the correct results in the PDF after it gets rasterised.

However you can go one step further and switch the Stroke colour from a Linear Gradient to a solid colour (as it was a white to white gradient). This will stop it getting rasterised and maintain the vector in the PDF! See the attached example - this has the gradient removed, and all the curves merged and it should output to PDF correctly for you!


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