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Fish Sketch

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Hey, that's a great first sketch! :D 


I'd start off by taking a look at some of the sample files - they show how real illustrators use the different types of objects to make certain effects. They also teach a lot about the power of the document hierarchy and the effects it lets you achieve. Next, I would find something I really liked and try my best to make my own version of it - the only way to really learn something is to actually have a thing you feel strongly about achieving in it.

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Lol Andy! 

Although i don't see any problem with drawing cars... :rolleyes:

Great start quaz3l. The best way to learn and improve is to keep doing it. You can check some tutorials about vector illustration too, even about other software. The processes are similar and you don't have to copy/get the exact same result. The goal is to understand how the illustration was "constructed".

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