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Adobe Bridge opens wrong app

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I've got v1.8.3 releases of Photo, Designer and Publisher. If I right-click on an image in Adobe Bridge, and choose 'Open in ... Affinity Photo', the image actually opens in Affinity Publisher. I'm weaning myself away from Photoshop and InDesign so this is annoying!

Roger Shufflebottom


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I have the same problem.  I use all three programs installed on my iMac. 

In another post of 2019 your colleague Chris suggested to affiliate the files to Affinity photo in the "get info" section. If one opens the file after right click  with "Open..." Affinity Photo opens the file, but if one tries to open the file with "Open with... Affinity Photo" the file is again opened by Publisher. Dito if you try to open it with Designer.

It happens with JPEG files AND raw files - I have tried NEF and NRW files of Nikon and RAF files of Fuji.


Attached screen recording for JPEG - same behaviour for raw files.

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The same thing is happening to me. I'm using Bridge, select Affinity Photo when I right click and it takes me to the publisher app. I am using Photo and Designer from the Mac App Store and Publisher thought the Affinity store. I'm using a Nikon (NEF) and I want to open in the Develop persona via Bridge. I can get it to open in Develop persona through the file-> open menu in AP. I'm using a 2018 Mac mini OS 10.15.5. Any ideas on what settings I need to adjust and where to allow this to happen. My files show up on bridge as NEF. 

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I may have inadvertently fixed this issue. I went into Bridge preferences and set NEF files to open in Affinity Photo. Later when I went to open an image, I double clicked on it to see what it would do. It opened in AP and in the develop module. YAY!! I hope this help you.

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