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Including margins not working properly

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Whenever I create a new document, I define margins in the new document dialog and activate the  "include margins" option, but the document is always created with the margins not included. I must go to Document setting and activate it manually again (Curiously, the margins size I defined before are retained, it is only that the margins are not included).

Silly bug, not a big nuisance, just to let you know. Have a nice weekend!


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Ops!, a little more observations:

When you activate again the margins, the size is returned to 0. And once you set the correct size again, any subsequent new document is created correctly.

The bad behaviour is not consistent and the bug returns from time to time, so it seems that a random setting or last use preference is not correctly saved.

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  • Staff

Hi Daniel,

Just to verify you have 'Show Margins' enabled in the View Menu? There is a known issue 
Is it possible for you to grab a quick screen recording demonstrating this. We have an issue logged with margins regarding the checkbox not appearing enabled when going back into Document Setup, so clicking it and then OKing out of the dialog will return the margins to 0 which I think is what you've mentioned in your second post.

I'm not seeing the issue in the first post though.

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Hi Sean. 

Tried some times but I cant replicate the first post issue (It happened at random bunch of times during the weekend but now it seems to be working) I can replicate the second post issue (Margins reverting to 0 after document settings)

I'll keep looking for it. Now i'm thinking that it could be in fact the 2nd post issue that I mistake for the first one. Probably had show margins deactivated and and me entering on document settings to check for it so i got it reverted to 0 and from there goes the confusion. Thanks for noticing me that clue

Is that or my mac is trolling me 😓


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