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I've been combing the forums both here and DxO's and I can't seem to find an answer that addresses my problem.

I've been trying to install the new Nik Collection plugins from DxO, after the recent email from Affinity saying the collection was compatible. (I'm using Affinity Photo 1.8.3 on a Mac, and the latest download of the Nik Collection from the DxO website -- newly purchased.)

When installing the collection, there are no applications the installer recognizes as hosts other than an old version of Bridge CS6 I have to use as an image browser (I have no other Adobe CS or CC applications on my laptop). It does not allow me to select any Affinity product as a host. Regardless, when I run the installer, even if I try to add an Affinity app, it's greyed out. I've included two screenshots.

After the installation is complete, there is a Nik Collection folder in my applications folder showing just .app versions of the plugins (the standalone versions), no plugin folder, nothing else. (And nothing in any application support folders that might be usable.) 

Launching into Affinity Photo afterwards and clicking on the Photoshop plugins pane of the preferences panel, I can add the Nik Collection folder as a "Plugin Search Folder", but as far as I can tell, that hasn't actually added them to the Affinity Photo filters menu.

From other forum entries, it seems that AP wants to see .8bf files (is that true?). But, by default, the installer I'm using doesn't seem to install them.

Trying the installation on an iMac at work (running Adobe CC), I can get AP to load the plug-ins if, when I install, I indicate that Photoshop CC is the host application and then include the Photoshop CC plugins folder in the list of Plugin Search Folders in AP

So is the issue with the Nik Installer that it's not recognizing AP as a "Compatible Host"? Or is there something I'm missing?

Spent almost 3 hours trying to troubleshoot this. And I give up. Help, please.



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In your app folder, create a folder and name it nik_plugin_dxo.

look at your 3rd image “compatible host app”

- click the “+”down left and go select that folder I asked you to create in the app folder. When you done the installation that’s where the plugins are going to be installed.


now, to add them to AP.

open the preference panel and to to the plugin section, that’s where you’ll add them

* you'll find the info here:


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  • 7 months later...

I am using the latest version of Affinity Photo 1.8.5

"Photoshop plugins" are not working for me on Windows 10.

I understand the process, have followed the videos and the conversations.

Of the Google (Nik) plugins, for some reason, the HDR plugin will start up. All others are listed but disabled.

I have not seen a good answer to this problem on the forum. Can anyone help me.

Thank you

23 Dec 2020

I finally decided to uninstall the application and reinstall it. That seemed to have fixed the issue.

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13 hours ago, Lagarto said:

I do not think that Affinity apps have ever been listed as supported hosts in the setup app when installing NIK Collection plug-ins. 

That's correct, I've never seen Affinity Photo as a listed option, you always have to add Affinity Photo as a custom option. The custom option works fine. I have a folder under applications on Mac called Affinity Photo Plugin Folder and have DXO and the JixiPix plugins installed there and they function fine.

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