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Are Affinity programs compatible with other design/photoshop programs

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just wondering if Affinity Photo is compatible with PSD multichannel documents ? Could such a file be opened and edited and re-saved in psd format ?  Does photo have its own multichannel format and can this be opened with photoshop ? 

Similar question for Affinity Designer, is it compatible with AI format ? Can Ai files be opened edited and re-saved in AI format ?  What is the native format for Designer files and is this compatible with AI ? 

Ive been using Adobe apps for 25 years so very interested in Affinity products. If the answers to the above questions are favourable making the change will be a no brainer. 


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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.

If you go to the Affinity Store at https://affinity.store you can click on an Affinity application and then on Tech Specs, which will give you a list of all the supported input and output formats. You can also sign up for the 90-day free trial, and test it all yourself (but remember the 50% discount is only good until May 20).

I don't know what a multi-channel PSD file is, so I can't answer that question. PSD files are supported, with some limitations on both import and export that may make Affinity unsuitable if you expect to share files both directions with Adobe users.

Affinity can read AI files that include the PDF compatibility stream, with some limitations. AI output is not possible.

-- Walt

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Hi Walt 

thanks for your input its much appreciated. I will take a look at the specs in the store. Thanks for the link. 

Cross compatibility would be very important to me for sure. `I share multichannel PSD & AI/PDF files all the time for Simulated Process colour separations.  All these files are for output. 

Another further issue for me, which is a different subject in another thread; Is Designers lack of Select>Same>Stroke/Fill or other  functions. This would make using it for my work very difficult. 

Anyway your right though, I will test them myself with the free trials.  




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A moment ago, I imported a layered file for a poster made in Ps, and Affinity edited it beautifully, and you have the option of saving in the .psd format, too. I did not, because I have deleted all adobe products from my machines.

@walt.farrell, I assume @Sinoseps meant 'multilayered PSD... files', but I am happy to be corrected.

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No, multiple layers have nothing to to with multichannel files. More importantly, layers are not even supported in multichannel mode IIRC.

Multichannel images have 256 levels of grey per channel and are used for special print jobs (or, in this case to simulate the colour separation for printing).

That said, unfortunately I cannot answer the OP's question regarding importing/exporting multichannel files between Adobe and Affinity Apps either.

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You are opening yourself up for a world of headaches if you need to work with people using Adobe CC. Affinity will open and save to PSD but it will not always be perfect. 2 different companies, 2 similar apps, not the same features in both. If you are on your own I would say give Affinity a go, but if you need others to be open files you save to psd from Affinity in Photoshop I would stay clear. Never a good idea to use different apps when in a situation where others need to edit or adjust your work. Same goes for Designer and Publisher obviously. 

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