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Michael McGinnis

Affinity Designer bug when more than one document open

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When I open more than one document in Affinity Designer 1.3.2:


And when WINDOW --> SEPARATED MODE is unchecked, only the current document is available.  The other open documents do not appear in the WINDOW pull-down menu.  But when SEPARATED MODE is checked, the other open documents do show up properly in the list.


Image 1 shows SEPARATED MODE unchecked, and the one document in the list.



Image 2 shows SEPARATED MODE checked, and tow documents in the list.




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I think this is actually intentional - whether or not it is helpful remains definitely up for debate... ;)  You are looking in the Window menu and it is showing you a list of all top level windows that are available to choose from. In separated mode you actually have 2 separate windows, but in the normal mode there is only one window. You have many documents open, but they are not windows - they are documents...


As I said, I think it's working as expected - but it can definitely be argued that it's not the most helpful thing that you'd expect, so I'll make sure we have a chat about it today. Thanks! :)


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Agree that technically there is a only one window (with multiple tabs) when not in separated mode and this is consistent between the apps, however, for me, this is not intuitive and, since there can only be one window in the window menu windows list when not in separated mode, it is not a useful list

I expect to be able to switch between multiple documents and their "views" via the window menu whether or not in separated mode and also to be able to switch between them using os-level task/window shortcuts

Logically I suppose this means that each document should have its own top-level window, however I can understand that this is a fundamental design decision

As a compromise, might it be more helpful to list the views in the window menu when not in separated mode as a convenience (perhaps entitled "views" not to confuse the technically minded)?

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