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Wacom Tablet "lag" or delay in Affinity Photo (split)

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Has anyone found a fix for this? I recently bought a Wacom Intuos Pro and I am experiencing exactly the same problem as what is explained in the last comment.

The pen does not capture the curves at the start and so it results in a small straight line before actually flowing correctly.

I am using Affinity Photo 1.8.3 and having problems for mapping keys on my pen, I have disabled Windows Ink (both from the Affinity settings and in the Wacom settings). I don’t have this issue when running it with "Windows Ink" mode.

Help would be much appreciated. It is my first experience with Affinity and first experience with Wacom as well. It is very frustrating to invest in equipment and software and having such poor first results :/.

@Archer5930, did you manage to find a solution?

Thanks a lot,


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Hey lobre, welcome to the Affinity Forums.

You should not be seeing the delay anymore. The issue you linked to is from 3 years ago and was addressed.

In 1.8.3 we give you the option to run with Windows Ink or fall back  on Wintab depending on what your needs are.

What commands are you trying to map to the buttons? The default right-click works fine for me with and without Windows Ink.

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Hello Chris,

Thanks a lot for the quick answer. After seeing your message, I opened up Affinity again to try to reproduce this lag but it seems to have disappeared. Don’t know exactly what was going on earlier. I switched back and forth a lot between Wintab and Windows Ink and maybe the drivers did not appreciate...

So having it in Wintab seems to do the trick. I think I would have preferred keeping it with Windows Ink as it seems to be the chosen durable solution for the future but it will do this way.

The main problem I have with Windows Ink is by trying to assing the "mouse resize brush" that I usually trigger with "Alt + Right Click + Left Click and Drag".

So I have tried to assign "Alt + Right Click" through modifiers in the Wacom settings. But it does not work while it does when I switch to Wintab (you can see the GIF screencasts attached with / without Windows Ink).

I also have another small bug under Windows Ink when using the "pen tool" in Designer. After having created a node and dragged a curve, I cannot click the node again to remove the leading handle. Instead, it forces the node to a sharp point, as if I was doing "Click + Alt". See also the attached GIF screencast.

Thanks a lot for your help,





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Hey lobre,

Unfortunately there are a number of issues with Windows Ink and Wintab seems to be the favourite choice unless you really need the high precision that comes with Windows Ink.

We have been discussing improvements with the tablet manufacturers so I hope to see improvements in the future. 

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