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Closing Curve Deletes Point Handle

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I am trying to combine 2 curves together at their endpoints to create a closed curve. Each endpoint has 1 handle that sets the curve shape. When I use the node tool to use the 'Join Curves' command, AD will join the two curves and combine one set of endpoints while preserving the original handle orientation at the joined point.

Now that I have a single curve, I want to close the shape. Dragging the remaining two endpoints on top of each other will close the curve, but deletes one of the handles! This ruins the symmetry of the design. Using the 'Close Curve' command adds a straight line between the two remaining endpoints. If the two points are aligned on top of each other this doesn't cause any immediate problems. However, this causes workflow problems down the line by causing disjointed strokes (after doing the Layers -> Expand Stroke Command), which are an essential step to creating offsets because AD doesn't support an offset tool at this time.


This issue was reported 2 years ago and the linked post contains a video of the issue:


Has this been corrected in a patch I can download, or are there any community accepted workarounds?

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On 4/30/2020 at 12:07 PM, Sean P said:

Unfortunately this issue is still open with development. I will get your comments passed onto them and get the issue bumped.

From 2018? (((

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I was going to create a new topic for this, but found this thread. I've struggled to find workarounds for this issue, which happens whenever I'm trying to create a symmetrical object. I'm on a Mac, but this appears to be consistent across platforms.

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