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Text Styles Reset Formatting Button

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The Reset Formatting button on the Text Styles studio does not work (is grayed out) if there is no style override on the first character of a text selection.

Here is a quick illustration. In the following two screenshots, I have made a local override (bold face) to the second word in the paragraph.



Above, the reset text button is gray, because Publisher appears to consider only the settings of the very first character in the text selection, and there is no override on that character.


In this second shot, the selection begins where there is an override, and so the reset text button does work, and the current formatting field shows the additional formatting applied.

What I think should happen:

  1. The reset formatting button should reapply styles to a selection of text if there are any overrides anywhere in the selection, not just if there are overrides at the beginning.
  2. The "current formatting" field should be able to accurately convey situations of mixed formatting; in such cases it should list the formatting held in common across the entire selection, and then further indicate mixed formatting. In the above selection, I would expect something like "Body + [mixed]."

Note: this bug was originally reported in the now-archived post here. As this bug still exists in release version of Publisher 1.8.3, I am following the recommendation to repost.

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