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[Duplicate] AP: Highlights and Shadows Problem

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I have just started to work on AP yesterday and I have realised one thing as Adobe Lightroom user; Highlights and Shadows adjustment algorithms on AP doesn't work like Adobe. If I adjust highlights&shadows on Adobe it responses with mid tones and doesn't create fringes, but with AP they work so extremely, for example when removing with sky highlights I can't manage to have correct sky view anymore coz it effect all the photo extreme way.


Do you have any idea how I can deal with it or do I apply somethings wrong?


Thank you,



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Hi Oflatun,


I've reported to the developers how the "Shadows & Highlights" crushes especially the shadows.

And sent them example files so they are aware of it and are hopefully working on it.


I'm amazed that more people haven't mentioned this.

Personally i have to have this working to be able to work with photos.


Left is Adobe lifting shadows vs APH lifting shadows on an underexposed RAW.


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Thanks Jakerlund.


This is really bad and for now I have to use Lightroom and AP combination, which I organise my Raw files (using like Bridge) and do main shadow&highlight adjustments there and then on Lightroom options I send my photo to AP as .tiff (16 bit) to further editting.

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