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Layer Drag & Drop UI feels unsatisfying, and other multitouch issues

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This sounds silly but makes a very big difference to the feel of the app.

When dragging & dropping I frequently don’t know if I’m actually doing it.

Issue 1: I don’t know how long to hold the layer for. I need to know when I can start dragging a layer - however, Affinity offers almost no visual feedback Everywhere else in iOS, the item you’re holding ‘pops’ off the screen so you know the item can now be dragged, rather than scrolling your list.

See the GIFs attached and let me know if you can spot the moment the layer goes from held to draggable. It’s possible in affinity, but so much more obvious in Procreate.

Proposed solution: Have the layer ‘pop’ off the screen the moment it is dragable.


Issue 2: I have a long list of layers, and I’m on a multi-touch device, I would normally hold the layer with one finger, and use my other fingers to scroll through the list to find the new spot for my held layers - but that doesn’t work here. (Try it in the files app, or procreate for comparison.)

Proposed solution: make the layers palette respond to multi-touch.



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Yes, lots of UI/UX concerns...

I suppose as we become accustomed to it, it becomes intuitive.

However, these “little” things are actually THE ESSENTIAL CHARACTER of a user interface. One ignores or downplays them at peril...

Thanks for flagging this. I hope Affinity is listening, although I expect they are utterly overwhelmed. The price of success. ;-)

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