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I'm new to Designer and have created a few designs so far. All of my designs have exported correctly to JPEG/Best Quality however, my latest hangs for hours and have to Force Quit the app.


Is there anything that I should look into to solve this problem, i.e. specific type of content, layers, groupings, etc.?


Thanks for a great product and for your help on this!

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Hello msabene,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Without seeing the file is difficult to guess what it could be. Can you send the file (or a dropbox link) to support@seriflabs.com along with a small description and a link to this thread to be inspected?

All files will be deleted after we diagnose the problem.


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I was able to solve the problem... I didn't notice that two of the layer groups included a number of items in which I had applied a large Bitmap using the Fill Tool. I switched to a color instead and everything works as expected.


My guess is that the bitmaps were simply choking Designer or my Mac.


Lesson learned: use Bitmap fills only when absolutely necessary and keep them small.

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