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Hello guys, please respond to this, this is really serious!

I have created pgn file with some texts on it, something like a meme and exported. I posted it on Facebook and the text looks bad, colours are messed up somehow, looks pixelated too. It happens all the time. I am not sure if it's about Facebook only, must be some settings in affinity too. Here are the pictures:

created in affinity and exported in pgn: https://pasteboard.co/J51LF4J.png

How it looks posted on facebook: https://pasteboard.co/J51Lf0J.png

screenshot in affinity while working on document: https://pasteboard.co/J51MiUG.png

Please help me guys! I wasn't able to upload pictures so I had to upload them using web links 

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Why are you posting such a large image onto Facebook? If Facebook scales it down for display, that will adversely affect your texr.

You should export your image and text at its final display size and resolution. I note you specify 192 dpi. Is this what Facebook asks for?


Windows 10, Affinity Photo 1.10.5 Designer 1.10.5 and Publisher 1.10.5 (mainly Photo), now ex-Adobe CC

CPU: AMD A6-3670. RAM: 16 GB DDR3 @ 666MHz, Graphics: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

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I tried in 72 dpi first. It should be less than 100kb? Facebook never has any image posted over 100kbs? I just checked out FB has images with 416kbs and more. So what is the problem? Is this only about texts? Sorry I am not very new to this, when I posted some good quality images, photographs I mean the quality almost stays as good. But documments I create with texts are so bad, color looks messed up too. and I didn't get how I use web colours. I tried copying from website but I see different colour on my pc, sad. I think affinity should help more in these things, uploading to social media is very important.

Thank you for your answer John, appreaciated

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  • Staff

Hi Goga kekelia,

I'm not sure where you are getting the needed size from, but i always thought Facebook was happy with a 72DPI image and the filesize shouldn't really matter.  Eg, i've exported a 72DPI version of the file you attached, which was 6mb, uploaded to Facebook and have attached a screenshot of the text, which looks fine.  Facebook will be resampling/processing the image when you upload, so as long as you have your colour settings within the app correct, you shouldn't see any difference when uploading to Facebook.  This is a good article for the Colour Management: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/display-colour-management-in-the-affinity-apps/


Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 08.45.32.png

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