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publisher crashes when trying to print (pdf)


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When I try to use the print  function from menu or from shortcut cmd+p, 

I first noticed this when, I open a pdf file, and then try to print it, publisher 1.8.3 crashes.  Even after saving as a publisher type file *.afpub, crashes after the file is saved as publisher type.  I have noticed this is now happening with all documents, even those created in publisher.  

The work around, I have been using is to export as a pdf, and then open in another PDF reader like Preview or Acrobat, from which I can print.  

I'd be happy to test any patches or fixes.  




iMac13,1  i7, 3.09 16 GB 500GB Samsung

MacOS 10.13.6 (17G4015) 

Publisher 1.8.3


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  • Staff

Hi @dr_d, welcome to the forums!

Does this happen even if you simply create a new blank document? 

Do you have any issues printing in any other applications?

Do you have a crash report you can attach?


Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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i'm experiencing the very exact same thing. i have a macbook with version 10.13.6. and pushlisher version 1.8.3. affinity is crashing when i try to print, doesn't matter if commanded with shortcut cmd+p or via the menu. it happens with "normal" documents, a4, containing textframes, frames and pictures as well as with a completely blank empty new document. i cannot tell if this is a new error and had worked before because it was my first time trying this.

i had never any issues printing in any other applications.

i don't know how to actively get a crash report, publisher didn't ask me to create one.


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I'm trying to print and the app crashes immediately before even getting to the print dialogue. It's pretty much a blank 52 page doc, one spread with some text content, that's it. I reduce the page count down to one spread, nothing else, same result. 

Running on a 2016 Macbook Pro, Mac OS 10.15.5.

Any ideas?

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I removed Affinity Publisher with AppCleaner 2.2.3; then re-installed from the AppStore (23 May 2020).  

Its working now, and there haven't been any crashes.  Not sure that it was a printer driver; after the re-install all seems to be working. 

The printer drivers were/are: 

  • Epson 1400 Sylus photo (and the same printer also with GutenPrint+Cups;
  • Epson et-2750;
  • VipRiser;
  • HP Pagewide 477DW. 

best wishes,


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Hello I have the same problem since I switched to macOS Big Sur. It affects all three programs, Photo, Designer and Publisher. I updated to Big Sur on Friday. Over the weekend I noticed the problem. Now I have removed all three programs and reinstalled them. Unfortunately, this has not given any improvement. I work with FontExplorer X pro latest version. 
My System macOS 11.2.3 MBP 16 inch, 2,3 Ghz 8-Core Intel i9, 32 GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M 8GB.
The bug report is attached.


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