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I have hundereds of photos made for stop motion animation. The following photos looks practically the same (tiny one frame movement only). The problem is every photo has a slightly different brightness because of light flickering during the job. 

Is there any (as quickly as possible) way to equalize the level / brightness of following photos? Maybe there is an automate way to equalize one photo to another comparing two photos or layers? 

Two pictures attached.

Thank you in advance for help. 

Regards, Domin



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You could try using a macro for Auto Levels and or Auto Contrast in conjunction with the batch job. Depending on the sort of "slightly different brightness" it could make things worse.

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Affinity Designer 2.2.0 | Affinity Photo 2.2.0 | Affinity Publisher 2.2.0 | Beta versions as they appear.

I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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Two sample images added. This is a one scene throug the whole part of movie - so in the raw pictures there is no cropping (the scene is the same) - that is why maybe it would be possible to set a macro setting the same colour/white balance according the same fragment of the screen?

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The best step by step solution I have found so far is to equilize the RGB chanels using curves and a sample (filter > blur > average) from the best picture.
The great tutorial about colour skin tones manipulated this way is attached below.
I used this method (using a top-left corner of the sky) and the pictures are the same after that. But this is quite unautomated way ;) and I have a plenty of the pictures. Maybe there could be a way to automate this process assuming always the same part of a picture. 


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Once you've set up your Curves adjustment for one picture, you can save the settings as a preset. And you can then record a Macro (View-Studio-Macro) using this preset on a single image, and run it as a Batch Job on multiple images. Post back if you need help setting these up.


How are you going to decide which images to apply the adjustment to? I don't think there's any way Affinity Photo can automate that, so unless you can manually identify and isolate the images that you want to change, I can't see much hope of a complete solution.

Affinity Photo 2.0.3,  Affinity Designer 2.0.3, Affinity Publisher 2.0.3, Mac OSX 13, 2018 MacBook Pro 15" Intel.

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@h_d I think it could be the best solution for now :) 

First to create a few groups - the lighter, darker etc. and then run the batch job as you described. 

It does not have to be perfect and impotant is to eliminate the "bright peaks".

However it would be a nice feature, because the light flickering effect is a common problem especially with modern bulbs.

Thank you for your advice.

PS. For someone with a similar problem, this trick may be the solution at the end of editing in the video editing software.

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