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Remember File Paths Per Document Rather than Per Application

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Currently, when I re-open an old project (or have 2 or more open projects) and export assets, the file path opens to the last location used by the application. That means I am constantly having to track down the folder that the document belongs in, to keep things organized.

Is it possible to have Designer remember the Save To file path on a document basis, instead of as a global application basis? That would make things so much simpler and easier to work with.

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The export persona should remember where I export in addition to everything else.  I work on lots of projects and each ALWAYS needs to save to a specific location (which is not where the Affinity file is).  My exported files are used by other applications and having the export persona remember everything about my export except where it goes is really annoying.

(Note that Adobe Illustrator has fixed their export to remember the location.)

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