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German localisation: Use platform standards in menu

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MacOS uses different German translations compared to Windows. Please consider adopting platform standards to make the apps feel more at home on each platform. This applies to all three apps. 

  • Affinity Designer / Photo / Publisher
    • "Info…" should be "Über Affinity Designer / Photo / Publisher"
  • "Datei" (File) should be "Ablage"
    • "Speichern" (Save) → "Sichern"
    • "Speichern unter" → "Sichern unter"
  • Bearbeiten (Edit)
    • "Einfügen" (Paste) → "Einsetzen"
    • "Innerhalb einfügen" (Paste within?)→ "Innerhalb einsetzen" (My translation, there is no convention yet as far as I know.)
    • "Ohne Format einfügen" (Paste and match style?) → "Einsetzen und Stil anpassen"
  • "Ansicht" (View) should be "Darstellung"
    • "Ansichtsmodus" → "Darstellungsmodus"
    • "Neue Ansicht" and "Ansichten…" are correct in my opinion.

These are the most prominent ones, there might be more.

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