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enlarging photos and increasing pixels

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I need a very uncomplicated way to increase my picture size and increase pixels. Will Affinity be a simple program to use for this? I need to post good quality pictures (the ones I have are too small) and it must be super easy or I might fling my computer out of the window :wacko: I am new to mac and it is as much of a challenge as I can endure :rolleyes:


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As far as I know, if your original photo, is about x pixels by defafull out of your camera, this able you to print or visualize i you computer a fixed size. If you increase the size more than what is allowed by your camera, oyou can get it but the resolution will get worse and worse depending in how much you have enlarged it.

Let''s imagine that you have a 1200 x 800 pixels and you get it into your program and edit it anew as you like it, Of. course, when you export at the end of the process the result of the edition, and you wish to "make it larger", let's say something like 1600 x 1200 pixels, no problem....you just do. it in the dialog panel that it appears once you have decided what format do you want.like a jpeg. There you have it...on your desktop, named and all, but the image will not br so neat and cl ear as the original onel That is the problem of the digital pictures, with the difference with the analogic cameras.


Size matters.....in order to get a sharp definition on your photos and you should respect it, And if you simply are not too much neat about sharpness well..then increase the size and pixels number and enjoy the enlargement.


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