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[AD 1.8.3] Node-tool not adding nodes Surface Book 2 pen / Windows Ink

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Using a Wacom tablet or mouse I am able to add nodes to an existing path by clicking on the path (using the node tool). But when using a Surface Book 2 pen clicking on the path doesn't add nodes. It only shows the position where the new node might be added.

I searched through the Designer settings and found 'Enable Pointer Support' in the UI section. But checking that setting and restarting Designer didn't fix this.

When I turn off Windows Ink in the Designer Tool-settings and restart Designer it fixes this issue, but than there is another issue as the pressure sensitivity of the pen isn't working anymore. So that's not a solution unfortunately.

Using the Surface pen to draw without the full node tool functionality is a pain. I might be missing something, but this looks like an issue in Designer.

Love working with Designer and love the Surface Book 2, but it would be great to use Designer on the Surface book with its pen as that's an important reason buying this Surface Book! 😀

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Hi wigglepixel,

Unfortunately this is a known issue and is being caused by Windows Ink. It is currently with development to be fixed, as of now the only work around (unfortunately) is to disable Windows Ink within Affinity. I understand this does cause the knock on affect of stopping pressure from working as you have mentioned.

I'll get your comments passed on to development.

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I have the same problem using an XP-Pen 13.3 Pro with an Acer Laptop. I can only add nodes to a curve with the mouse, the Tablet only lists a "drag curve" history item in AD. A click isn't recognized, it seems to be a drag somehow.

All the other tools seem to work fine. I also disables Windows Ink through a group policy, but it doesn't seem to help. 

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On 4/18/2020 at 12:49 PM, TheGrudge said:

I also disables Windows Ink through a group policy, but it doesn't seem to help. 

There is an option in Affinity to not use Windows Ink - it is found in Preferences > Tools. If you uncheck 'Use Windows Ink for tablet input' you should be ok.

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This seems to work. I used the search feature in the Preferences dialog before, but it didn't find anything so I thought there is no option 😀

Adding nodes is working again, but my lines are all shaky, Windows Ink seems to add some kind of stabilizer per default. I can live with that, because most of the time I use shapes and the pen tool, for the pencil I usually turn on AD's stabilizer.

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MS Surface Pro 4: same issue, I cannot use my pen to add nodes on existing curves. I disabled Windows ink but this way I cannot use pressure sensitivity for brushes and it's not an option for me. 
Until future updates, the workaround I'm using is to double tap with my finger on the curve when I want to add nodes. 
I will check if it works with my Wacom P&T as well.

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