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Scrolling stops unexpectedly, pressing B does not select the brush tool, and the move tool shortcut does not work

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First, thanks for your awesome creative products. I really love them, so it's really depressing to be held back by such tiny yet impactful details as:


1. Scrolling a pane will be aborted when the scrolling process happens to place a text field under the mouse cursor. It results in the numerical value being modified instead of continuing the scroll process. This is unexpected, even unpredictable, behaviour. It's probably apparent in Publisher, Designer and Photo.

Proposed solution: Decide whether the scroll wheel adjusts view or values. Stick with one. Any choice is better than unpredictable function. Maybe let the user decide that in his preferences window.

Workaround: Do not use the scroll wheel at all. Instead always drag the scrollbar with the mouse.


2. Pressing the 'B' button in Affinity Photo is pretty is unpredictable. It's difficult to tell whether the plain brush or any other brush tool will be selected. It is required to press the button multiple times, each time requiring the user to check whether the real brush tool has finally been selected. This prevents fast workflows.

Proposed Solution: Pressing B would simply select the same brush tool every time. Other brushes can use different letters or different modifier keys. Alternatively, pressing B could select the last used brush, without ever actively changing the brush type itself. The same probably applies to other tools as well.

Workaround: Remove all shortcuts on 'B' except for the brush tool. This should probably be the default setting, right?


3. The shortcut for the move tool does not work inside text fields. It inserts the letter V instead, obviously. When the user wants to select the move tool, he must either be aware or check whether a textbox is currently active somewhere in the whole document. The same applies to most other tools.

Proposed Solution: Selecting the move tool should probably either be possible with a modifier key along with the 'V'. That's what the 'Ctrl'-Key was made for in the first place, right? Of course, the Ctrl-V shortcut is already taken, so this would require a different letter.

Workaround: Use a custom key binding for the move tool, for example Ctrl + E? Alternatively, spam the 'Esc' key before ever pressing 'V' again.


Sorry for the clickbaity title and thanks for your time!

Yours faithfully,

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