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Too hard mockups for Photo

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Dear developers,

I downloaded this mockup pack, and I opened .PSD's in Photo, but mockups crashed. I tried in Ps CS3, and showed perfect.

Here is the pack, it's free and please test it in Photo:







Update: I re-sorted layers, and here is a nearest version in latest Affinity beta (v647):


Missing Live Mesh Filter, or if can integrate to Live Perspective tool, thats will better: corners set perspective with move tool, and lines can change mesh when edit with node tool... Hm?




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Hi biju,
If you don't check that option, all smart objects will be rasterised on import - this has the advantage of keeping the file visually identical to the original - however you lose the ability to edit the smart objects which may not be desirable in certain cases. If you need the smart objects editable, then check it but note not all psd features are supported and a few things may look visually different or missing.

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@Basix Great tip, I tried this mockup in Photopea. Nice Photoshop alternative, and mockup replace near 100%, and I can use this mockup. But when I saved project as PSD,  and open with Affinity Photo, smart objects was missing :( 

Opened saved PSD in Photoshop CS3, and this can see smart objects. I saved to a new PSD and opened this in Affinity. APh see layers as embedded, but results is horrible.

Photopea will great for quick mockups, if haven't any photoeditor, or have special mockups, what cannot open is APh.

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