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ADesigner eps importing problems vs Adobe Illustrator

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Hi, Occasionally I try to import an EPS image, I get the images from stock photo sites, I assume they were done in illustrator.


What I am noticing is that they don't behave or render the same in Affinity Designer as they do in Adobe Illustrator:


Here's an image I brought into AD, and tried to remove the 'person' on the left:




Note the problems: Removing the user leaves white space instead of the background, and there are lots of tiny white borders where there should be none.


By Comparison, here's what it looks like in Adobe Illustrator CS5:




Note that in both cases I deleted two things: the head and body.

In illustrator the delete went down to the lets (what you see left is a 'reflection')

in AD it stopped at the gradient border (the sunburst on the blue persons head)


Is this a known issue? 

I imagine EPS stuff is pretty hard to reverse engineer-  any likely hood of a fix?


- Jack


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This is almost certainly because Illustrator has broken the EPS into lots of bits, some of which will be bitmaps. It also appends an Illustrator document to the end of the EPS as a comment. When Illustrator opens the file, it actually ignores the EPS portion and loads the Illustrator document instead, so it isn't affected by what it's done to the EPS. However, the EPS portion is all we are able to understand, so that's why we behave differently.


The white borders are generally due to anti-aliasing effects at the edges of objects. Again, not much we can do about that (although adding a stroke or putting a coloured shape behind can make it less noticeable).


EPS is simply not a very good interchange format, because it doesn't support opacity. It only gives good results with Illustrator because of Illustrator's trick of embedding an illustrator document, and that only helps Illustrator, no-one else. I'd recommend you use PDF or SVG instead, where possible.

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