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[AD] About pasting layer effects

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It's a long known bug, that if you past layer effects to an object, some settings like i.e. radii of embossing changes "arbitrarily". Pasting the layer effects from one object to another should not change anything, especially if the "Scale with object" option is not set.

I did some testing on this and I found something interessting:

I have a rectangle 20x20pt, and I apply a 50px embossing effect. I copy the element to my clipboard. Then, two options are possible:

a) I create a new rectangle in a new size, i.e. 20x80pt and paste the layer effect using "Edit" > "Paste Style". The style is changed, for me the radius was not 20px anymore but 100px.
b) If I create a new rectangle of exactly 20x20pt (the original size) and scale it up to 20x80pt, the pasted style does NOT change! It's just correct then....

The (b) is also true if I create the new rectangle simply as a copy of the "unstyled" original rectangle.

Super weird. To me it looks like this has something to do with an internal coordinate system, that's somehow scaled in case (b) and not in case (a)... something like that. 

Anyway, the video might help with identifying the problem. Good luck, devs!


Upload didn't work, so here's the Youtube link:


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