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Export my image to retina without loosing quality

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Hello everyone,


So I'm an iOS developer, which means I need to save image for retina display.

My problem here, is that if I have an image (let's say 1264 × 2248) and this is my retina size (@3x)


I want this image into @2x and @1x.

The thing is, if I save, it create bigger image (it consider my 1264 × 2248 as @1x) and tells me that resolution is too low for @2x; because it make bigger rather than smaller.


Is there a way to do it fine ? Other than resizing each time manually, which would make Affinity Photo useless...

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I have just downloaded Affinity Photo and stumbled across the @2x functionality, which I instantly thought would be a great time saver, but I am having the same problem described above.


It seems a bit backwards right now. What appears to be missing is a box for me to enter the dimensions of the exported file (@1x) or a mechanism to tell the software that this is the @2x (or @3x) size and I would like at @1x version too.

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Yes exactly this!


I think by now most of us are working at very high resolutions intending to scale down to our target sizes. @nyeweb is spot on in that the current implementation feels backwards. We need to scale it down, not up.


While we're at it... ;) How about we go crazy and replace the @1x @2x, @3x buttons with a dialog where we get to set our own scales. Android often ends up around @1.5x, and for web work the scales are vastly more dramatic. You could start with scales for a 5k iMac and export all the way down to mobile size, optimized for slow connections.


Either way, I'm glad to see this feature started and excited for where it goes.

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