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I am assembling a cookbook in Publisher and want to sort recipes alphabetically. I am using a master page template that has two pages of the exact same setup except the page number is in the left or right. In the video, I am trying to move one recipe (Page 6- Flour Tortillas) between two other recipes (to end up after Page 4- Focaccia). When I drag the one page to the new location, it entirely deletes the tortilla recipe and puts in a blank of the master page at page 5, and the pizza dough recipe only has the ingredients move to the new page and the rest is nowhere to be found in the document. Would there be some sort of issue with the master pages?

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi GarrettB,

Welcome to the forums :)

My sincerest apologies for the delayed response, unfortunately due to the current circumstances our response time is longer than normal. We're working hard to keep on top of things, so many thanks for your patience and understanding here.

I can certainly see somethings not quite right from your screen recording, I believe it may be happening due to the way your text is flowing, however I'm going to need a copy of your document to investigate further.

Could you please upload a copy of your .afpub file to the following link for me, then let me know once this has been done?


Many thanks in advance!

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3 hours ago, Dan C said:

Could you please upload a copy of your .afpub file to the following link for me, then let me know once this has been done?

I just uploaded the document. To save size, I cut it down a bit to just 10 recipes (all of which are doing this weird thing when moving pages). Take your time on this, I know life's a bit crazy right now!



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@GarrettB I'd like to update this thread and offer my apologies - it appears as though I discovered the issue, confirmed it with our QA team and the logged it with our developers to be fixed, however I accidentally neglected the last step of the process - replying to the customer!!

I can confirm this is happening due to your master pages, each page has a split master page (ie page 5 is using a 'Master A - Right' and page 6 is using 'Master A - Left'), when you move page 6 into page 5's position, the app cannot understand a 'left' masterpage in the 'right' position and therefore the contents of the page is cleared.

This, as mentioned above is logged as a bug with our developers, in the meantime if you open the document, convert it from Facing Pages to single, then back to facing pages - you should find that moving the page works without losing any content.

I hope this helps, my apologies for the total 'brain hiccup' in me not replying! :$

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