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[Affinity Photo] T V - LINEAR PT R,G,B V1.0

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With a little help from my friends, I offer a fresh look at linear gradient procedural texture formula.  Yes, it happened in a flash this morning, so, examples will have to follow.  This is complete with some exceptions that I was experimenting with a little last night...

V1.0  Creates very controllable R,G,B linear gradient with edge hardness, contrast, tint, tone, etc.

V1.0 needs wants desires

1)  Point of gradient spread.  (It should be represented as a fraction from location point rx, ry  -/+.)

2)  Scale controls.(push left/right/up/down)

3)  Skew controls.(angular push)

4)  Rotate controls.(being able to use angle input or elevation/rotation controls would be great, my current rotation is very limited 45...yes, I know)

            grad 100                         grad edge 25                   grad edge 50                    grad edge 75                  grad edge 100


            contrast 2                         contrast 5                         contrast 8


             lines 2                                 lines 3                               lines 4                                 lines 5                       lines 5 edge 50              lines 5 edge 100


            blue 100                       blue 100 redt 50            blue 100 redt 100                      redt 100                redt 100 edge 100



* It is important to note that red, green, blue (0,1) controls base or areas of gradient with no color,  redt, greent, bluet controls gradient color.  The gradient is expressed at a rate of 150 percent coverage of width.  It could be removed or controlled by a variable.  

This macro is 100 percent non destructible and does not use the R,G,B image information in its calculations.  Use transparency and blend modes to taste or add a white pixel layer under procedural texture layer, merge visible, and use that layer as a gradient.     


I am currently at a loss as where to insert the formulas for scale, skew, rotation without completely altering this in undesirable(controllable) ways...also, is it possible to batch process pixel layers? Macro will not export...

Experiment and Enjoy - T V 

T V - LINEAR PT R,G,B V1.0.afmacros

T V - LINEAR PT R,G,B V1.1.afmacros

T V - LINEAR PT R,G,B V1.2.afmacros

Examples to follow...

***V1.1 replaces fixed spread of gradient to 100 percent of width.  Created variable r,g,b (0,1) controls shiftr, shiftg, shiftb for horizontal shifts creates multi color gradients.  A limiter may be necessary to slow the shift progression. 

   Offset rx, ry variables might be interesting for greater variation...

>>Originally set for horizontal image.  Running this just now on a vertical image the gradient just needed to be shifted over.  Turn on edge hardness to hard.  Use the edge(center of gradient) as location point that you center the gradient too.  Dial it back to taste.


            1.1 grad                               redt 25                                redt 50                             redt 75                             redt 100







V1.2 creates R,G,B variables for hard edge and contrast to add more edges and brightness...Interesting since this has no (ry) I am not sure how to put in an (rx, ry) shift to create that 3D offset...looks like I can now have my own Rothko and Richter...new ideas keep coming...

> NOTES - 

Experiment with R, G, B channels combinations by turning the channels on or off.  Creates different color combinations.

Change R, G, B channel formula  rx  to  ry.  Creates horizontal and vertical channel combinations.  Rotation and offset would enhance angle of color.  Rings or other shapes would be interesting.  Combining using differing formulas on differing channels((R)rings, (G)linesH, (B)linesV),etc..

Question...How much is too much?  Simplicity is probably the route to go when these get cleaned up(more digestible).  One set of controls and have plug in effects...  


Examples to follow...


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