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We need to be able to install Assets & Brushes to one location and then access them all in all 3 apps. Having 3 copies and taking up extra room on the HD is silly.

We could have a manger for each app to enable/disable them but one install location. Also, you wouldn't have to go through the process of installing them 3 times.

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I'm just an amateur playing around with the apps.

But what I very soon realised was that it is very annoying and complicated to have a different asset library for Photo and Designer.

For example: I am in Designer and find some cool vectors from the "Stock" => put them to assets, cool. But then I also find an image which are more suitable for me being used in Photo => now I have to start Photo and manually copy the image to Photo to put it into the Assets there. => Annoying

I think already having the categories and subcategories in Assets, it might be preferable to have one single Asset library for all apps.

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I often switch between laptops and tablets and would love to be able to install once and it replicate across all apps (Photo, Publisher & Designer) and all devices automatically. For me, the wishlist would be:

  • Folders and projects (sub-folders would be great too)
  • Brushes
  • Palettes
  • Symbols
  • Assets
  • Fonts
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I have all 3 apps installed, in both retail and beta versions. Keeping 6 copies of everything in sync is simply ridiculous!

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