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Scroll and zoom on touchpad/touchscreen

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I belive there is an issue with touchpad/touchscreen support.

Designer version: (just installed the 90-day trial)

Windows 10

I'm using a HP Spectre with touchscreen. Both the screen and touchpad are multitouch.

Expected behavior

  1. Pinching on both touchpad and touchscreen should zoom-in/out the document.
  2. Moving two fingers on the touchscreen should move the document (just like you drag it with a View Tool). Ideally I would see it working the same way on touchpad.

What happens:

  1. The pinch gesture works correct on the touchscreen (sometimes it stops working though and needs restart) but on touchpad it ALWAYS works ONLY the first time (really curious to me - first zoom-in or out works perfect, after that no gesture on touchpad works like it didn't work at all. After Designer restart there is again one chance to zoom-in/out with touchpad :D)
  2. Moving with two fingers on touchscreen works sometimes, sometimes it stops working (like zooming on the screen) and sometimes I get only one chance to do it (like the pinch gesture) and then it stops.


I've already installed Designer trial some time ago (I believe it was version 1.6) and it had the same issues (it was working exacly the same - or NOT working actually).


BTW, I'm happy to see how the Affinity products develop and get better, and this time I'm about to buy it for sure. But really hope this issues would get fixed in the future.

Best regards

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  • Staff

Hi szaleq,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Unfortunately I don't currently have access to any touch pad Windows devices due to the Working From Home situation, so I'm currently unable to investigate this issue. Once that changes I will take a look into this report!

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