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[Affinity Photo] T V - VIGNETTE PT R,G,B V2-V3.1.afmacros

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For your pleasure...I have been busy working this vignette thing again, and I think,  this is getting somewhere.  Completely different approach to achieve a more controllable experience in every way to the gradient macro workaround, and well, much, much, more.  

First, this macro/procedural texture is set up for a round gradient.  Like the original, it applies perfectly to vertical and square images.  To center the gradient on a horizontal image(should not be off by much), double click the procedural texture layer and use the crosshair over image to drag and reposition.

The controls will allow the complete control over shape(horiz, vertical), size, gradient, etc.  If you want an old fashioned mask layer, set blend mode to normal and opacity to 100 percent, merge visible, turn off procedural texture layer, invert merged layer, reset new blend mode to multiply, set new opacity to taste.

Of course, that is just for the black gradient vignette...the possibilities are in the experimenting...



Red, green, blue (0,1) controls the entire image the same as normal R,G,B sliders to mix color.     


Red, green, blue (-1,1) controls radiate from the gradient center.


Layer opacity 50% blend mode subtract. 

  (R255,G0,B0)     (R0,G255,B0)      (R0,G0,B255)      (R,G,B=255)          (R,G,B=0)


       size 5               red 100,0,0           redt shift        more redt shift      intensity 2


    ring 3 shift          +redt shift          +grnt shift            25% trans        50% soft light    50% vivid light   50% soft light 



T V - VIGNETTE PT R,G,B V2.afmacros

T V - VIGNETTE PT R,G,B V2.1.afmacros

T V - VIGNETTE PT R,G,B V2.2.afmacros

T V - VIGNETTE PT R,G,B V2.3.afmacros

*** V2.1 Adds three (R) ring progression controls (over the 10/10/10 fixed spacing to g(R)/h(R)/I(R)) (these could be enhanced in two ways; adding a scale factor control to each of these (R), and or add controls gr(0,1)/gg(0,1)/gb(0,1), etc. to create some enhanced color variations.

*****V2.2 Reorganizes, relabels, restructures formula.  Added ring scale (R) controls.  Macro setup for center horizontal photo, slightly offset in vertical. 

*******V2.3 Corrects black gradient with invert.

++> future needs for this is a control to rotate.  - Ultimately, a way to control color choice, order, midpoint, etc....

V3.0  New formula, more with less...radial, linear, R,G,B offsets, etc.

While getting this together this AM, practicing the new fad of social distancing, TV on, and a nugget pops up with Joan Jett +3 in different locations, jamming a song called 'New Light of Day'.  Starts off kinda slow and wonky...gets going and wow, grooving on an inner plane, I am feeling energized.  Nice start to the day, so, here you go, another round of jamming...

Macro is set for normal vignette start. These are additional examples of new effects...   

     elliptical            radial offset         radial offset       horiz linear          vert linear          vert linear      ofstxy(-250,0,250) xy(0,500,1000)    



         radial             horiz linear               radial                elliptical 1         elliptical 2          vert linear                   -1                          -2



T V - VIGNETTE PT R,G,B V3.0.afmacros

T V - VIGNETTE PT R,G,B V3.1.afmacros

T V - VIGNETTE PT R,G,B V3.2.afmacros


V3.0 notes to do...

1) Control for Sin/Cos factors.  (This would control gradient and size...) (getting addressed by differing formula with contrast controls)

2) Rotation...have found h/v shift / skew formulas...(  /w  turn this 45degrees)

3) Offset scale factor control( +50px, +100px, (?))(done)

4) Contrast-luminosity-brightness/hue-saturation-intensity controls(?) (This would control gradient and size...)

5) Create variables for functions...(simplification of repeatable formulas, offset scale factor control...)

***V3.1 Creates variables, adds hss(R) horiz shift scale and vss(R) vert shift scale (offset scale factor +50px)

*****V3.2 Created vsb(R) vert shift blue and hsb(R) horiz shift blue to move it from a fixed position.


>Thinking out loud - Of course, this is a work in progress and I have no idea what I am doing, just following this down the rabbit hole...This is about procedural texture right now.  When its done, it will be all about Blend Modes...more coming...

Enjoy and Experiment, - T V  

(this is really a toast to 3 individuals for sharing procedural texture videos for affinity photo...I could use some help there if someone wants to demo this...) 

Please feel free to comment, as this will also help others expand their comfort zone!  A mind is a terrible thing to taste...😉

If you want more... go see Graphicxtras.com on YouTube!

I am on a new formula, starting from Linear gradients, that is looking promising as an upgrade.  I have some shifts/skews to add, and we will just have to see...  Hope someone out there finds this entertaining at least.  When I am moving the dials one click at time, the new possibilities just keep going...why this gradient thing?  Never thought I would still be diving deeper into this, but, here I am...MORE PROCEDURAL TEXTURE PLEASE! Yes I am going to have to make a macro to generate examples for posting...



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