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I really like that surface of the applications. But I miss the option to resize its objects like Icons or menus. Designers usually have good vision. But there are also Designers out there with optical issues. In my personal case I am Designer and Photographer but have poor vision for this tasks. I am shortsighted and sometimes have problems to navigate through the menus and toolbars. It also is difficult if the contrast is too low. I don't want to stick with my nose on the monitor.  But the menu entries, docks and Icons (sometimes) are too small to see/read. There is a limit how much it can be scaled up because you don't can see that document anymore. But it should be possible to scale them up to five times. In my case it might suffice the factor 1.2 or 1.5 in the most cases. It varies every day how I can see the surface. For example: In Scribus I usually have my menus set to 12pt. There are days were 8pt suffice and there are days were I have to set them up to 16pt or even 24pt. In these cases over 16pt it looks like a mess but I have to use it if I don't want to use that Microsoft Magnifier. That would it make even uglier. 

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