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Bought Photo today. Great app, but freezing/crashing consistently.

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I checked the incompatible apps list, nope. Windows 10. I have an i7 with 32G of ram.

It seems to occur in a combination of these actions...

1. Copy and paste a layer

2. Play with same layer usin Mesh Warp tool

3. Then selecting the pointer, and/or changing layer. You'll suddenly notice you can't change layer.

At first it will appear everything is fine (50% of things respond properly), but.....

- You'll notice you can't change your layer.

- Your CPU has gone to 100% with the affinity process taking up 99.99%

- If you save, it will appear to save but no file is saved (thankfully recovery seems to work)

- If you go to quit, that's when you'll notice the application is definitely crashed (goes white, unresponsive). Have to terminate.

I just did it again now while writing this, so it should be easily reproduceable. I can also get a log or something (if you tell me how), as it stays "running" while its crashed.



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Hey Ozzymuppet, welcome to the Affinity Forums!

Are you copy/pasting from the net and are you using a Wacom/tablet?

We have seen this happen with the above scenario and you can't even move the object with the Move Tool.

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Same problem with me. Version: I did not have this problem with previous versions. It seems to be a problem with Wacom Tablet. Not related to a specific action. Last time it occured with Mesh Warp. At a certain point Afiinity Photo "freezes". Everything still seems the same, but nothing happens anymore. Try to save the file, but Affinity does not respond. Misty screen. The only possible action is to force ending Afiinity. And yes: work lost!

Please do something about this.

Kind regards,


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Hi Ben,

Are you able to work without a Wacom for a bit and see if this occurs with a mouse? I don't have a Wacom with me at the moment so I've asked a colleague to try.

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