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Hi team. 

I hope you guys are safe and well during all of this COVID-19 chaos!

I have a quick question regarding Affinity Photo for iPad. 
When I draw, the screen seems to blur or lower in resolution as soon as my Apple Pencil touches the screen, and then it smooths out again when I lift it.
I did a screen recording to show what I mean, here's the link (be sure to watch in HD): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSQTuxV0E34 

Why does this happen? It's subtle, but it can be a bit disruptive when doing finer detailed line-art, as I can't always see the smaller areas in as much detail while drawing. 
An example is the finer hatched lines in the video, which become quite unclear as soon as I put the Apple Pencil down.
I seems to happen less when I'm quite zoomed in, but I tend to prefer working a bit more zoomed out so that I can see more of the content I'm drawing while I'm drawing, and not get lost in the details.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey ChristiduToit,

Affinity Photo does a low-pass and then a high-pass render. This is absolutely by design. I'm not sure if you have Designer but Designer only does the one pass which is why you may have noticed it in Photo :) 

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@Chris B
Thanks a mill for the speedy response. 😊
Fortunately I do have Designer (all every other app on desktop and iPad!).
I'll keep that in mind for the future for sure - it will definitely be helpful info. 

On the topic of blurry screens, I haven't really had much luck on this topic and perhaps you could be of assistance?
Sorry for the segue, but any help would be much appreciated as I do a lot of work with my canvas rotated (no pressure though!).


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