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Freeze on Burn tool, Hardness selection

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Using the latest build of Photo (1.8.2) just updated earlier this week, on Windows 10/64 build 18362.720.

I selected Burn tool, then opened the Hardness slider from the toolbar and moved it to 6%, then clicked on the filename area of the image I was editing to attempt to close the slider. Photo stopped responding.

I was editing a two-image stack (I didn't use New Stack, but opened the first file, then Placed the second).

Lower file in the stack, assigned by Photo as the Background, is a Nikon Z7 (firmware v3.00) NEF image. Second is a 16-bit non-compressed TIF created from a second NEF image from the same camera. I have a mask on the upper file, inverted, and I'm exposing a small area of this image to the background file below (using techniques from James's video on masking).

I opened Task Manager and saw that Photo was taking about 3.2GB RAM (my PC has 16GB) and CPU utilization was around 10%. This was 10 hours ago. It was late evening so I left the machine as it was and went to bed. Now Photo still appears frozen. Task Manager now shows Photo taking 2.401GB RAM and CPU utilization is at 1%. Since starting this post I notice that memory taken by Affinity continues to drop - 10 minutes after starting the post, it has dropped to 2.319GB. I do not see "Not responding" as I typically do with frozen apps, so perhaps Affinity is just slowly clearing memory?

I clicked the filename area to attempt to close the slider because I've noticed that if I click in my image to close the slider I end up with the effect applied at the place where I clicked - which is never where I want it. Last night I also first attempted to press Enter to close the slider but nothing happened. As a side question: how can I close a slider without applying the effect where I click?

Prior to the "freeze" I had used the Inpainting tool to get rid of the overexposed moon in the background image, then the other tools in that set to smooth the sky around to blend it with the background sky. I was attempting to use the burn tool to further blend the sky after replacing that overexposed moon image with the better-exposed moon image from the upper file in the stack.

My machine:

Dell XPS 8930, Intel i7-8700

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti video card driving a ViewSonic VP3268-4K display via HDMI


512GB SSD with 239GB free space. The file I'm editing is on this drive.

Let me know what else you need to diagnose this issue, if anything. I can upload the original images if you have a private area for this.


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Hey PLShutterbug,

I've been trying to reproduce this for a while and failing. Can you reproduce it?

You have to click the UI to remove the slider. I believe there is already an improvement logged with dev to sort this.

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I haven’t reproduced it, no. I had been using the application for quite awhile when it happened ...

I did discover that simply clicking the toolbar next to the slider closes the slider.

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