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Support for keyboard and mouse/trackpad

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It works, but the experience is far from stellar. Mouse functionality on the OS level is not that great, the trackpad is much better, but I don't like trackpads for the graphics work. Two things should be Affinity's priority. Alter the pointers. A default one is not suitable for precise drawing. Bring a powerful key-bindings editor. Every panel should have a keyboard shortcut since we are limited to 13" screen, and it's painful to open and close all those panels with a pointer.

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13 hours ago, Vladimir Krstic said:

... A default one is not suitable for precise drawing. ...

I find Pencil input kludgy already on my 12.9” iPad Pro. A precise input for Pencil option (or selection radius adjuster) would vastly increase my work speed. I use Procreate a lot and it gets frustrating seeing precise input become very imprecise in comparison. 

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5 hours ago, Vladimir Krstic said:

@wtrmlnjuc Procreate is using raster graphics so it's kinda natural to draw with a pencil. With vectors you usually want to see pointer presented on a screen and that doesn't work well with a pencil, at least not on small screens.

I'm well aware of the difference between vector and raster, it just feels like using an oversized screwdriver compared to each other and compared to mouse input on Desktop.

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20 hours ago, Vladimir Krstic said:

@wtrmlnjuc Right. I'm just saying that working with vectors with a pencil, on a small screen, possibly can never be that good. Would love Affinity to prove me wrong. What definitely is not good is to modify controls with finger gestures, we need strong keyboard support for that.

I’d like the option. Besides, that’s why I bought a 12.9” in the first place. 

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I just tried an Apple Magic Mouse 1 and a Logitech M705 mouse with Designer 1.8.2 and I could click to select tools, but neither one of them would activate any of the tools on the artboard. ie: grab and move an object with the move tool, add or adjust a node with the node tool, add text with the text tool. I had to use the Pencil. Even disconnecting the Pencil didn't change the behavior. 

iPad Pro 3 (12")
iPadOS 13.4 
Designer 1.8.2

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