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Using Text on a path - Need Invert letters

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I am new here and bought the Affinity Designer two days ago :)



Using Text on a path in Affinity Designer, I have this result:




Ok. In this case I can use the text on a path inside the circle and outside.  Ok, I want outside. Done.

Just great but I have now a problem!!




I need the words "rbfigueira.com"be inverted to be readable. I need that the "R" start on left and not in right. I need that we can read "rbfigueira.com" from left to right and not from right to left.


- How to invert the text (typing) ?


Note: I think we should have one other big important way to do the alignment. In this case I am using one circle path. In this case I can align the text inside or outside of the circle ... is the same of saying that I am alignment the text from bottom or top of the text. Will be better to have the possibility to align using in center of the text and not only (top or bottom) !! In that case the path will be exactly in the center of each letter and not align in top or bottom but in center. The spaces and curve will be more perfect. Is that possible using this version ?




Best regards,

Ricardo Figueira 






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Hi Ricardo, try this: Create a new circle. Use Layer > Convert to Text Path. Type the upper text, "Photographers". Then press Return and type the lower text "rbfigueira.com". The text after the Return should go on the bottom of the circle, in the opposite direction, which I think is what you want. Use Centre Align on both lines of text. Finally, adjust the baseline of the bottom text using the control in the context toolbar.


You can get to there from where you are, by dragging the path text handles - the little orange triangles on the left of your screenshot - to the semi-circle positions and then inserting a Return between the two bits of text. When you drag the handles, they should snap to useful positions.

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Hi Dave,


I have played with the little orange triangle but not get what I want.  Using the return key I get this:





Ok, but I need the text outside the circle!

I have played again with the little orange triangle but not get what I want.


​Don't work. Should be a easy way to choose the position. After the return, I only get right inside... but I want outside.

If we have the path exactly in the center of each letter and not align in top or bottom but in center.... this will work!


​I don't see the solution ://


​Note: I can share the file if necessary.



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