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Publisher: suggestion to put color tools into one tool panel

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The color selection tools in Publisher are nothing short of byzantine.

Each tool or panel seems to have its own color tool with their own pickers. 

These labyrinth of color tools is unintuitive, and it's easy to be in the wrong panel.

The best would be to focus all color manipulation including picker into ONE TOOL AND ONE PALETTE.

Photoshop is a good example on how to do it. Never had to look around on how to change the color on something.

In Publisher, I'm often in the wrong panel.

Or, just now, I was trying to change the color of text, and even though it was selected it didn't work. Turned out I had previously used the color tool in the stroke panel and was changing the stroke/outline of the text (and the text actually had NO outline, just plain letters). 

With a central color tool you'd see all you do, not having to check several panels when, again, something doesn't work. Photoshop's color tools are in one panel, and you always know which is foreground and background and they are easy to reset. 

That simplicity and intuitive directness I'd wish for Publisher to replace it's color tool labyrinth with. 

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On 3/9/2020 at 8:01 PM, World View said:

text actually had NO outline

It had a zero-thickness outline.  The outline is always there, but when its thickness is zero, you can't see it.


On 3/9/2020 at 8:01 PM, World View said:

you always know which is foreground and background

Foreground and background of what - the text frame, the text within the frame, ...?

And then there are some of the effects that can have still more colors tied to the same object...

While agree that there could be some improvements to the current situation, the simplicity you are looking for would be a dumbing down, and that I would oppose.

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It's particularly difficult to use the color picker to match the outline of text with another color.

It never works. 

Whenever I go to the picker, the outline does not change color wherever the picker goes. I have to guesstimate manually.


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