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manu schwendener

small bugs in mesh warp tool?

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Just wondering if it's on purpose:

I use the mesh warp tool for straightening photos. 

- cmd+s goes back to the initial state (I'd expect the save dialog)


- after I used the mesh warp tool I click on the icon for cropping - which doesn't stay on crop but switches to the view tool (hand icon) by itself. Clicking on the crop icon again then works as expected.

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cmd+s does save the document. However as the mesh warp has not been physically applied until you click apply on the toolbar, so it's saving the original unwarped image, make it appear to revert.


I would say that this could probably be presented a little bit nicer than it currently is though.


I shall log the issue with the tool switching

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Ah, thank you for explaining. I would expect that enter would do the same as clicking on Apply: this would be consistent with how the cropping tool behaves: Apply is blue and can be clicked, but enter has the same effect.
Also in the perspective tool enter = Apply.


I think I found out why the tool switches from the crop icon to the hand icon: it works fine if I click Apply first; so the first click on the crop tool is transformed into an Apply command - after which the hand icon becomes active.


So it's not a bug as such. But is it logical that Apply switches to the hand icon instead of staying at the function I used before, be it crop or mesh warp?

Perspective tool behaves in yet another way: after enter (= Apply) it switches back to the last other tool I used (not the hand icon, but not staying on perspective, either).


Maybe this all has to do with sticky settings, which are already listed on https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10410-common-feature-requests-index.

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