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Layers Panel Rightclick/Context Menu

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Hi folks!

Fantastic new updates that the team surprised us with! Preflight in Publisher, the
Resource Collect feature and Embedded Documents – aka Smart Objects and
thus the possibility to finally make use most stationary mock-ups – in Photo are
my overall favourites! 🤩

Buuut …
I've got a question or rather a pretty annoying bug since day one I've been using
Publisher (which literally is the case since the release):
When I right-click on a layer in the Layers panel, the contextual drop-down menu
appears in the upper left corner of my screen instead of directly at the Layers
Panel and I have to move the mouse pointer there from the bottom right
somewhat inconvenient when working with master pages and want to make
separate changes on different pages. Strangely enough, if I don't or just barely
move my mouse and right-click a second time, the menu opens right under
the mouse pointer.
Has anyone else had this experience?
Any idea what could cause this? 🤔
Q: Does this occur only when right clicking the Layers or whenever you use the right click?
A: Just the layers panel.
Q: If you reposition the main window does this effect the right click position?
A: No change in behaviour.
I already considered the right-aligned taskbar as the reason for the perhaps different
coordinates for the context menu or whatever, but it makes no difference.
Here's a short demonstration:
Cheers and have a great Sunday



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14 minutes ago, Michail said:

I know this behaviour too. I, like you, have no explanation for it. But in my opinion it happens less often than in earlier versions.

Well, on one hand – thanks for confirming that it's not me nor my machine! 😌
On the other hand – damn, so actually it IS a persistent bug that hasn't been fixed properly since day one. 😞



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