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[Duplicate] strange behaviour dof-blur

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after using depth of field blur in affinity photo, my image showed lines and squares and some tiny dots.

large squares as seen in the affinity u.i. (see .png screenshot); small squares after exporting the file as .jpg (see .jpg attachment).

i saved the .afphoto-file, but that's over 100 mb, so i can't upload it here.

is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?


jan van de ven


trying to reproduce the problem, i discovered that lines, squares and dots only appear when using the clarity slider of the depth of field options.



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yes, i'm using live dof in this case and as you can see in the attached screenshot preserve alpha is checked.


the problem appears to be in the clarity slider and/or the preserve alpha checkbox. lines and dots disappear when i either slide the clarity slider to the ultimate left (value 0 px) or when i un-check the perserve alpha.


just found out: there's one blending mode where the problem doesn't appear: 'lighter color'. but i'm not sure if this wil be the same with other photos.


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