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'Add' geometry issues

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Since updating to 1.8 I've been having problems with the add/subtract geometry options. Sometimes it adds a lot more nodes in areas that weren't even overlapping and at other times when adding shapes some nodes get lost entirely and gives weird results. Needless to say this is a bit frustrating when building vector shapes.

I've a attached screenshots of a few examples that have cropped up over the last few days when trying to add geometry. You can see shapes changing and seemingly pointless node changes.

shape problems.jpg

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I'm also getting weird issues with the add geometry feature ever since updating to v1.8 (

Screenshot below is just one case I have right now but there has been several, particularly with text that has been converted to curves then trying to combine separate letters with the boolean add operation.

Left: Before add operation, Right: After add operation


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3 hours ago, JRS6 said:

Thanks MEB, everything else in this 1.8 update seems great so can't wait for this fix 

Yeah, the improvements to 'expand stroke' are most welcome indeed.

As for this Add issue, sometimes modifying the geometry (with new nodes in places like the overlaps or where you can easily remove them after) before using the Add operation can stop the weird shapes forming. So you can try that as a stop-gap solution for now.

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On 3/3/2020 at 2:08 PM, MEB said:

Hi mark-h, JRS6,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
This is a known issue that's already being looked at. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.
Thanks for getting in touch and report it.

Thank you. Is there any estimate on when a fix will be released? Are we talking days/weeks/months? I'm need Affinity for a lot of vector illustration at the moment and I want to know if it's worth backing up all my presets, uninstalling and putting in an earlier version (which also means I wouldn't be able to open any files edited in 1.8 presumably).

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  • Staff

Hi mark-h,
A few cases reported in this thread were already fixed in the latest Affinity Designer Customer Beta (for Mac) and the fix(es) will be included in an upcoming Windows Beta build. 

Users running macOS can install the latest Customer Beta from the link above - if they are willing to do so - along their existing retail version (which is required to validate the Beta). Apart from that, Retail and Beta versions are independent from each other. Note that files created/saved with v1.8 cannot be opened in previous versions.

For the remaining cases that still fail in the Beta, it would be helpful if you all could attach the original afdesign file with the offending objects (you can delete all the rest) prior to executing the boolean operation so we can quickly check/add them to out log to be tested against new code revisions/builds. Thanks.

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10 hours ago, mark-h said:

Brilliant, thank you. If I encounter any more problems I will share the file where possible.

EDIT: Sorry, just realised the Beta is Mac-only and I'm on Windows.

Check out the top-most post here for latest beta - the just-released Windows beta could solve your problem:



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Este problema persiste mesmo na versão 1.10.4 que uso em windowns. Cada vez que uso a ferramenta, ela cria uma grande quantidade de nós ou une as formas incorretamente. Estou demorando o dobro para terminar o formulário simples, só para refinar ou testar um formulário que o problema não acontece.

Alguma previsão para resolver este problema?

Captura de tela 2021-11-18 064430.png

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