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Different evaluation of same expression in Procedural Texture vs Apply Image

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I'm working on isolating the maximum value colour in each pixel, so in Apply Image I'm successfully using:


rounddown is effectively a boolean operator that reduces this expression to 1 or 0, which happens when the R, G or B value is the same as the maximum value.

Implementing this in Procedural Texture I'm getting an illogical and different result.

R: R*rounddown(1-(max(R,G,B)-R))
G: G*rounddown(1-(max(R,G,B)-G))
B: B*rounddown(1-(max(R,G,B)-B))

In a test case using B to check out differences, the evalution of B differs *sometimes* when Blue is the maximum. I suspect a rounding or clamping effect, so (max(R,G,B)-B) is not sometimes wholly zero when B is maximum. An example where this evaluation fails is RGB of 102, 109, 135. This seems to be happening more when the value of Blue is higher.

A fix is clamping the max calculation, B*rounddown(1-clamp((max(R,G,B)-B),0,1)), but is a kludge that shouldn't happen (and, I'd suspect, most users would not find).

Procedural Texture, for some reason, seems to calculate much faster than Apply Image. Not sure why this is. When PT calculations don't need kludges I'll move over a number of macros I offer in my InAffinity YouTube channel (which currently take several minutes to calculate in Apply Image).

APh version is


Dave Straker

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