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"Hide Extras" to temporarily disable marching ants and such

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All week, since AP came out of beta and into the Mac App store, I've been seeing how many of my normal Photoshop maneuvers I can accomplish in AP instead. So far I've been able to do what I needed. (I know there are plenty where I will still need PS for though, but that's not a bummer, just room to grow.)


One thing I have to do A LOT is take a photo of a framed artwork and crop it to the exact edge of the frame. As you can imagine there is often a bit of warping / distortion that needs to be adjusted. Often I have to do a Transform>Distort where I am making a one or two pixel width distortion, and in Photoshop I can View > Hide Extras to temporarily hide the selection edges and the transform box edge highlights. This allows me to make those very minute adjustments without the transform box edge overlays obscuring what I'm trying to discern.  So far I have not figured out how to do this in Affinity Photo. At best, the transform box edges disappear when panning the zoomed in document view, but this requires a lot of funky moves and memory based estimations, rather than the very exact method described above.  


So all of that is a lengthy way of saying: Can you make a Hide Extras feature similar to Photoshop?



And I just want to say I've been waiting for a true PS competitor for a long time and AP seems to be the thing. I just recently uncoupled my comic book project from a monthly subscription into purchased software. Thank you very much.

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