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Publisher adding 1 page with option "add Pages"

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I'm working on an iMac with Publisher 1.8.0 downloaded from the AppleStore.

In my project I have 4 master page.

  • Default
  • Chapter
  • Section
  • Text

I created 6 pages with Master Page "Chapter". I edited the 6 pages. Then I added a page with the Master Page "Section" after page 1. The page with the Master Page "Section" is loaded and editable but all following pages get blank (white pages). I tried with different Master page and number of pages and always the same.

I put 2 attachments. The first "Chapter you see the Chapter created. The attachment "Blank" after adding a page after page 2, all the following pages are now blank.

During the troubleshoot I realize that if I add 2 pages and more all is good but if I add 1 page I have the problem. The option "Add page", add 1 page but only at the end of the document, no option where we want the new page.

So I decided to add 2 pages with master "Section", it works then I deleted 1 Section page since I want only one and all the following pages get blank. So my workaround for now is to add 2 pages with master page "section" and apply the master page "Text" to the second one.


Any though?



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Hi,I saw somebody else who had something similar and it seems that it was something about the master page.

See in attachment the project (Andre Memoire) and the screen recording. That happen only when I want to delete or add 1 page. If I add several pages all is fine.


I'm running Publisher version 1.8.2



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This bug appears to be related to single master pages in a facing page document. It occurs both with deleting and adding a single page. (or any odd number of pages?)

As a workaround you can use spreads as masters, too – and choose either left or right where wanted by selecting the according page(s) in the Pages Panel before opening the spread property options window. This way you also get easier access to set the inner margin different to the outer.

In the attached .afpup I converted your masters from single pages to facing spreads and re-applied your masters according to their left/right need. Now I can delete page 4 (the one with photo) or add a single page without the issue of loosing/disappearing content.

Andre_Memoire_facing masters.afpub

Note the spread property options for re-applying the masters.



@Gabe, this bug appears to be related to the fact that single master pages in facing page documents internally get a position within a virtual spread always as a left page only.

You can notice that issue already when creating a single master page in the confusion of inner/outer margin, which sometimes (often when re-opening the property options) becomes labeled with left/right, whereas left/right in the options window is switched towards the layout view in the main window, in particular for right document pages.

Also, with this .afup after converting the single masters to facing/spread masters, I got the impression that the tool-tip of applied masters in the pages panel sometimes mentions first (on top) the master for the left, sometimes the master for the right document page at first. That might make it even a little harder to get aware and understand whats going on or wrong.

973672257_masters1.jpg.514501f8683a3908a8e741d702ece878.jpg  /  2047496315_masters2.jpg.a1a0fb290459df708a5daf22c7150533.jpg


The left/right + single master issue was reported during Beta, e.g.:

Note that in this first post is a link to an older and quite long thread with those issues.
I guess some issues were solved meanwhile with the improved spread property options – but obviously there are issues left, – right?

macOS 10.14.6, MacBookPro Retina 15" + Eizo 27"

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This fix has been included as part of the recent 1.8.3 release

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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as I tested today with Publisher version 2.0, the left/right Master issue is still/again reproductable.

My scenario: Adding a single page using the same Master before page 1. Result: Header of old page 1 (= new page 2) is deleted completely. Page 3 got a second title (from the Master) additional to the original one.

Pages 4 and 5 are correct. 😕

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