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I have had the issue for some time with Designer, Publisher and Photo on Windows 10 not starting. Sometimes the apps would open, sometimes they would crash out just as the UI screen appears. Once I upgraded to v1.8 none of these applications would start no matter what I did.

I have been following several forums trying to fix this and nothing had worked for me previously.

Windows event viewer was telling me there was an “Unhandled Error” with respect to .NET and fonts. I upgraded video card drivers, .NET and removed any new fonts etc to no avail.

However, by following these actions I have had success.

1.       I uninstalled all 3 of the Affinity applications

2.       I deleted the “C:\Users\<your  user name>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity” folder and all of it’s contents. For your information AppData is a hidden folder so you need to make this visible to navigate through it.

3.       I rebooted my PC.

4.       I reinstalled all the Affinity Applications.

All my Affinity applications work now as expected.

It goes without saying that you need to back your work up before doing any this. Good luck.

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I have tried: 

Hold down the Windows key and tap the letter R.  This will bring up the run box.  In here type:
Click okay.
I get a list of folders but not an Affinity folder. The Affinity folder is c:/programs, and I do not have a folder called 1.0.
I've deleted the program using IObit Uninstaller. Reloaded 1.8 & it still crashes on opening. Even though the program has meant to have been completely deleted, When I loaded 1.8 it did not ask for a key or e-mail.
I tried loading 1.8 straight on my old win 10 PC. It asked for my key & e-mail & opens OK. I've reverted to 1.73 on my new win 10 pc, having removed the 1.8 yet again & 1.73 is working fine.
I assume I have to wait for 1.8.1 before trying again.
Hi Chris K
Thank you for the advice. I exposed the hidden files in  “C:\Users\<your  user name>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity”  & found "1.0" & "1.0 Beta" folders. I deleted "1.0 Beta" folder & relabelled "1.0" to "Old". Restated my computer & loaded the 1.8 update on top of my 1.73 & all seems to be working, including my files created in 1.73 on 1.8.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that we have released a new beta build for both Affinity Photo and Designer on Windows that will hopefully improve/fix our apps from crashing on startup when loading fonts. Can you download and install to see if the app(s) starts without any issues?



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I just wanted to let everyone know that we have released the new update, 1.8.2, that fixes the issue users were having where the app wouldn't get past the loading screen because of fonts. If you purchased the app from the Affinity Store you can download the update from:
If you purchased the app from the Microsoft Store the update will be available to download from the updates section.

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Thank you all for your patience, time and dedication to solving this issue!!

All 3 applications are working perfectly! I have not found any issue by now.

Best regards. Stay safe!

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